CIL Roadmap

Project Plan for CCPi

We have following project plans for CCPi

Roadmap for CIL

The next release for the CIL will be end of November 2017. It will include the following additional features/algorithms.

  1. Preprocessing:
    1. Centre of rotation calculation for parallel beam datasets
    2. Missing wedge correction
  2. Reconstruction:
    1. FISTA
    2. Cone beam iterative reconstruction

CIL release 0.9 (June 2017 )

This is the first release of the CIL software, it includes the python interface for the 4 components of the data analysis for the tomography data. The primary objective of the release is to make a basic framework that will enable easy software installation and usage with good documentation. In the future releases this will be further improved with many more algorithms included and delivered via this process.

Software is release via conda channel Link and available for Windows and Linux operating systems. Documentation for this release is available at read the docs Link

Algorithms included in this release are categoried and listed belwo into 4 components

  1. Preprocess:
    1. Beam hardening
  2. Reconstruction:
    1. CGLS algorithm with regularisations (Convolution, Tikhonov, TV).
    2. SIRT algorithm
    3. MLEM algorithm
  3. Segmentation:
    1. Simpleflex (based on topological information)[Carr2003]
  4. Quantification:
    1. Accessible Volume [YueS2014]
    2. Label Quantification [YueS2011]