This is the development and distribution project for image quantification algorithms developed by the CCP in Tomographic imaging (CCPi). At present the algorithms are packaged for Avizo, KitWare's Paraview and ImageJ but are written so that they can easily be re-used in other image analysis software. The plug-ins available at the moment are:

  • 3D quantification - calculates various quantities from labelled 3D image, including particle size, PCA analysis and fitted surface data.
  • Connected components - can be used to label the separate components in a binary image.
  • Accessibe volume - calculate the accessible volume distribution for a 3D scaffold.
  • Nexus Reader - Nexus reader to read Diamond Light Source data into image analysis software. (link)
Applications supported
Application Version
Avizo 7.1.1, 8.x,9.x
Paraview 4.1
ImageJ 1.4.8

Download links are available here 

Pre and Post-Processing:

  • VBA Coding for Nikon X-Ray CT Machines: This is hacking code to customize Nikon X-Ray CT machines, this allows users to automate and customize the CT machines parameters such as X-Ray source, the manipulator and the image processing.  This is developed by Parmesh Gajjar at Manchester University. Code is available at https://ccpforge.cse.rl.ac.uk/gf/project/vba_nikonxrayct/

  • Tomography beam hardening code: Beam hardening correction code being developed by Dr. Ronald Fowler based on the code from Dr. G R Davis ,Queen Mary University London. Code is available at https://ccpforge.cse.rl.ac.uk/gf/project/tomo_bhc/