1. Conjugate Gradient Least Squares (CGLS) code - started by Barry Searle and managed by Sri Nagella:

    We have released a standalone Qt based GUI and Avizo plugin for reconstruction which utilizes multi-core architecture. The following are teh reconstruction algorithms included in the plugin and standalong application. 

  • Conjugate Gradient method for Least Squares (CGLS)
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method (MLEM)
  • Simultaneous Iterative Reconstructive Technique (SIRT)

2. Daniil K. Flagship code for Iterative Tomographic Reconstruction
          contact Daniil Kazantsev
3. Bill Lionheart's Spiral CCPForge project involving student coders 'Katsevech helical scan CT reconstruction':
          Two CCPi sponsored students: Yngve Moe and Ryan Lloyd
4. SAVU Integration
5. TIGRE toolbox