MXIF Xmas Seminar

Dr Biao Cai (Research Complex at Harwell) "Alloy solidification under external fields via time-resolved synchrotron tomographic quantification" Room 3.306 Abstract: Applying external fields/forces, including magnetic field, mechanical deformation and thermal gradient, to solidification processes can manipulate solidifying microstructures of alloys, which promises to significantly improve the properties of finial engineering components. The recent advancements of high speed synchrotron X-ray tomography provide a unique opportunity to obtain further understanding into how solidifying alloys respond to external fields in a quantitative manner. The talk will highlight our recent work on the usage of high speed X-ray tomography, combined with bespoke in situ rigs (the thermo-mechanical rig P2R and, and the temperature gradient furnace MagDS), to investigate alloy solidification under various external fields, focusing on the application of deformation. Advanced tomographic quantification methods applied to those time-resolved 4D datasets, including digital volume correlation and image-based modelling, allow us to resolve the microstructure development in detail, revealing key mechanisms determining the responses of semi-solid microstructures when external fields are imposed.

Thursday, 17 December, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00