1. Proposals are invited for two International Imaging Fellows from members of the network. A Fellow may be either a visitor to the UK from an external site or a member of the network visiting an external site. Visits should be aimed at helping to bring new algorithms into practical implementation.

2. Proposals are invited for personal research equipment / trips and say scan time funds to suport the CCPi network.

3. For short personal visits approval may be given by email - ask one of the PI/CoIs or core STFC team. We strongly encourage links to CCPi supported event to present cross-network activities; eg student/staff posters/presentations at dimensional XCT, ToScA, Advanced Xray Imaging at RAL 

4. For longer visits, e.g. 3-4 weeks, a more detailed application is required. Proposals should include

  • a description of the work
  • a short CV with relevant publications
  • the costs requested for the visit.
  • a section on how its outcome will benefit the CCP

Funds are available to support parts of events, and collaborations that enhance the network.


For imaging there is: The Rabin Ezra Scholarship Trust 
The Rabin Ezra Scholarship was set up in memory of Dr Rabin Ezra. The trust makes 
bursaries available to doctoral students at UK institutes who are interested in areas 
related to computer graphics, imaging, vision and medical imaging. The fund distributes 
£10,000 each year, typically to between 1-3 applicants. 


STFC Public Engagement

CCPi have been associated with numerous public engagement events. Some links to funding are: