SCD Seminar at RAL - Tomviz

Dr Marcus Hanwell from Kitware Inc. "Tomviz: Visualization of Tomography and Reproducible Data Processing Pipelines" Monday 11 September - 2pm Atlas Visualisation Facility (RAL, Harwell Campus)
Software "Show-and-Tell": Contact: Sri Nagella ( / Martin Turner (
The open source Tomviz project was developed to address these challenges of materials tomography, managing a complex series of steps going from raw data to reconstructed visualizations using a reproducible data pipeline. Tomviz recently made its 1.0 release, collaboratively developed by Kitware and Cornell. Up until now it has focused primarily on S/TEM tomography for materials at atomic resolutions, but is now entering an exciting phase of expansion to support a broader array of tomography researchers. The pipeline is also being extended to execute out of process, optionally using HPC/cloud processing resources.
Tomvis offers a cross-platform desktop application, leveraging Python, SciPy, and NumPy coupled with the powerful ParaView, VTK and ITK projects to offer a specialized interface for materials scientists. The pipeline offers Python data operators that can be edited in the interface, saved, rerun, and edited further to process, visualize and export data with a view of the 3D tomographic data. We are actively seeking input as we enter this new stage of development, and would welcome open data sets that illuminate diverse use cases that are currently presenting challenges. I will also show some related projects looking at data storage, sharing, and dissemination on the web using an open data platform.

Monday, 11 September, 2017 - 14:00 to 15:00