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The remit of CCPi is to bring together the imaging community, maximise return on investment in software development and ensure longevity, sustainability and re-use of code. In particular it will

  • establish a framework (toolbox) within which different reconstruction algorithms, artefact reduction codes, and image analysis procedures are made available to all
  • provide practical versions of emerging reconstruction tools (e.g. iterative algorithms; discrete tomography, local tomography) leading to significant improvements in the fidelity of reconstructions
  • develop fast new parallel implementations of existing software to run on central and local (accelerator based and heterogeneous) hardware
  • ensure professional standards of code writing and documentation
  • train and support the community in the application of reconstruction and analysis tools
  • interface with/outreach to a wide user base
  • draw in mathematicians working on imaging and make their advances available to a wider community
  • interface with instrument developers to ensure that reconstruction algorithms can be applied to data acquired on their x-ray systems
  • help to define a metadata standard for X-ray projection data to aid data sharing & analysis
  • translate algorithms in from, and out to, cognate imaging modalities (TEM, PET, etc).
  • Seek to establish relevant links and funding from complementary sources (e.g. BBSRC and MRC)

All published work supported by CoSeC should carry the following acknowledgment, regardless of whether CoSeC staff are included as authors: “This work made use of computational support by CoSeC, the Computational Science Centre for Research Communities, through CCPi"

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Working Group Members

Chairman and Exec Member Prof Philip Withers School of Materials University of Manchester Email: p.j.withers@manchester.ac.uk

Robert Atwood Diamond Light Source Email: robert.atwood@diamond.ac.uk

Hon Exec Member Mark Basham Rosalind Franklin Institute and Diamond Light Source Email: mark.basham@rfi.ac.uk

Dr Thomas Blumensath Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton Email: thomas.blumensath@soton.ac.uk

Dr Richard Boardman Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton Email: rpb@soton.ac.uk

Prof Alison Davenport School of Metallurgy and Materials University of Birmingham Email: a.davenport@bham.ac.uk - standing down role

Prof Graham Davis Institute of Dentistry Queen Mary, University of London Email: g.r.davis@qmul.ac.uk

Hon Exec Member Prof Peter Lee Assist. Director, Physical Sciences, Research Complex at Harwell Email: peter.lee@ucl.ac.uk

Exec Member Prof William Lionheart School of Mathematics University of Manchester Email: bill.lionheart@manchester.ac.uk

Prof Cathryn Mitchell Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering University of Bath E-mail: c.n.mitchell@bath.ac.uk

Mr Andrew Ramsey Nikon Metrology Email: andrew.ramsey@nikon.com

Christoph Rau Diamond Light Source Email: christoph.rau@diamond.ac.uk

Prof Ian Sinclair Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton Email: i.sinclair@soton.ac.uk

Hon Exec Member Dr Manuchehr Soleimani Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering University of Bath Email: m.soleimani@bath.ac.uk

Prof Mark Williams Warwick Manufacturing Group University of Warwick Email: m.a.williams.1@warwick.ac.uk

Prof Phil Manning Chair of Natural History, Director, Interdisciplinary Centre of Ancient Life Email: phil.manning@manchester.ac.uk

Dr Winfried Kockelmann ISIS STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Email: winfried.kockelmann@stfc.ac.uk

Dr Genoveva Burca ISIS STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Email: genoveva.burca@stfc.ac.uk

Dr Hamid Dehghani University of Birmingham Email: h.dehghani@cs.bham.ac.uk

Dr Tim Burnett University of Manchester Email: timothy.burnett@manchester.ac.uk

Dr Nicola Wadeson Diamond Light Source Email: nicola.wadeson@manchester.ac.uk

Exec Member Dr Martin Turner University of Manchester Email: martin.turner@manchester.ac.uk

Core Support at Scientific Computing Department STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 

Dr Edoardo Pasca Email: edoardo.pasca@stfc.ac.uk

Dr Gemma Fardell Email: gemma.fardell@stfc.ac.uk

Dr Evangelos Papoutsellis (Vaggelis) Email: evangelos.papoutsellis@stfc.ac.uk

STFC /CSD Management

Dr Martin Winn STFC Scientific Computing Department   Email: martyn.winn@stfc.ac.uk

Dr Barbara Montanari STFC Scientific Computing Department   Email: barbara.montanari@stfc.ac.uk

Flagship grant 

Exec Member Dr Jakob Sauer Jørgensen University of Manchester Email: jakob.jorgensen@manchester.ac.uk

Dr Daniil Kazantsev University of Manchester Email: daniil.kazantsev@diamond.ac.uk

Dr Evelina Ametova Email: evelina.ametova@manchester.ac.uk

Short-term Fellowship 

Dr Amin Garbout, University of Manchester Email: amin.garbout@manchester.ac.uk

Dr Parmesh Gajjar University of Manchester Email: parmesh.gajjar@manchester.ac.uk

Exec Member Dr Llion Evans Swansea University Email: llion.evans@swansea.ac.uk 

Exec Member Dr Jay Warnett University of Warwick Email: J.M.Warnett@warwick.ac.uk 

CCP PETMR network and flagship contact

Dr Kris Thielemans UCL Email: k.thielemans@ucl.ac.uk

Dr. Evgueni Ovtchinnikov Scientific Computing Department STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Email: evgueni.ovtchinnikov@stfc.ac.uk

Dr Richard Brown UCL Email: richard.brown@ucl.ac.uk  - standing down

Dr Ceri Brenner STFC CLF Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Email: ceri.brenner@stfc.ac.uk - standing down


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