Manchester Avizo Courses

The courses are now subsidised by the Royce institute for all users and costs £250 a day. the courses are as follows:
4th of December     - Introduction to the theory of X-ray CT and is aimed at new users. The course lasts for for 1-2 hours and covers:
•    The principles of X-ray CT 
•    Applications of X-ray CT 
•    Geometric and optical enhanced X-ray CT systems 
•    Principles of X-ray CT image reconstruction 
•    Image artefacts associated with X-ray CT 
Introduction to image processing through Avizo. Expanding upon how data is collected in course 1, this course teaches the user how to process X-ray CT data using the Avizo visualisation software. The course uses real X-ray CT data that will highlight the true problems faced when analysing large volumes. Users will be taught a work flow for analysing data in a methodical manner. The course content lasts approximately four hours and covers:
•    Introduction to Avizo and visualisation software 
•    Methods for imputing data 
•    Initial data inspection 
•    Data cropping and editing 
•    Application of image filters to aid data processing 
•    Global (manual) segmentation 
•    Data visualisation and recording 
•    Materials analysis and measurements 

5th of December
Advanced segmentation and quantification using Avizo. the course is split into two parts. the first part covers advanced segmentation methods in Avizo such as:
•  Global thresholding methods 
•  Hysteresis thresholding 
•  Watershed segmentation techniques 
•  Local (edge detection) thresholding techniques 
The second part focuses on three dimensional analysis in Avizo and data partitioning. the course includes the production of videos to highlight information, while the final section considers a cursory look at measurement errors and then an in-depth look at the causes of data variation due to instrumentation, and how the later can be potentially be corrected for by advanced segmentation techniques.


Monday, 4 December, 2017 - 10:00 to Tuesday, 5 December, 2017 - 17:00