List of CCPi documents; Minutes and reports of the CCPi Working Group and Related CCPi Chair's Report's to the CCP Steering Panel

Minutes of the working group are available once they have been approved by the following meeting. Agendas are available at:


Exec Meeting minutes (5 May 2021)


Exec Meeting minutes (26 October 2020)

Exec Meeting minutes (31 January 2020)

October 2019 to April2020 Chair's report


Working Group minutes (18 December 2019) and Chair's report

Working Group minutes (10 June 2019) and Chairs's report - also CoSeC Annual report 2018-2019 and Technical Appendix

Exec Meeting minutes (12 March 2019)

ResearchFish submission (February 2019)


Working Group minutes (19 November 2018) and Chair's report

Exec Meeting minutes (2 October 2018)

Working Group minutes (15 May 2018) including Chair's report

Exec Meeting minutes (29 March 2018)


Working Group minutes (15 November 2017)

Working Group minutes (12 June 2017)

Chair's report combined with the CoSeC Computational Science Centre for Research Communities: EPSRC Service Level Agreement with STFC for Computational Science Support (FY 2016/17 Report and Update on FY 2017/18 Work Plans) 


Working Group minutes (21 November 2016)

Chair's Report (5 December 2016)

Working Group minutes (17 May 2016)

Chair's Report (6 June 2016)


Working Group minutes (26 November 2015)

Chair's Report (7 December 2015)

Working Group minutes (7 May 2015)

Chair's Report (24 June 2015)


Working Group minutes (9 December 2014)

Working Group minutes (17 June 2014)

Chair's Report (12 May 2014)


16 Dec 2013. August 2013 Report for CCP Mid Term Review (Report) July 2013 (3 July 2013)


December 2012 Summary for CCP Steering Panel (Summary) November 2012 (26 November 2012) July 2012 (19 July 2012)


November 2011 (9 November 2011)


Project Proposals

CCPi Phase 3 EP/T026677/1 Tomographic Imaging (1 September 2020 -  31 March 2025); Case for Support, Justification of Resources, Pathways to Impact, Workplan.

CCPi Phase 2: EP/M022498/1 Tomographic Imaging (1 September 2015 - 31 August 2020)

CCPi Flagship Grant: (EP/P02226X/1 A Reconstruction Toolkit for Multichannel CT (1 April 2017 - 31 March 2020)

CCPi Phase 1: EP/J010456/1 Tomographic Imaging (29 February 2012 - 11 September 2015)


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