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4 January 2023 - 30 June 2023 Newton Institute - Rich and Nonlinear Tomography - a multidisciplinary approach RNT Possible Royal Society Phil Trans A special Issue in RNT (Last one )

17-21 October 2022 IBSim-4i (provisional dates)

15-16 September 2022 Computer Graphics and Visual Computing, EGUK's 40th Conference

7-9 September 2022 ToScA UK & Europe 2022 Queen Mary University London, UK

21-25 August 2022 SPIE Developments in X-ray Tomography XIV Abstracts due 9 February 2022

13-16 June 2022 Dimensional X-Ray Computed Tomography (dXCT), University of Manchester

12-16 June 2022; 7th International Meeting on Image Formation in X-ray Computed Tomography Johns Hopkins University Abstract deadline of January 18, 2022.

3-5 May 2022, 3rd IMA Conference on Inverse Problems Abstract submission 7 January 2022

11-13 April 2022 PyConDE & PyData Berlin

21-25 March 2022 Happening Virtually: SIAM Conference on Imaging Science (IS22)

8-11 February 2022 ICT 11th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography

25 January 2022 UoMaH Seminar 11am: Title: Introducing the CCPi Core Imaging Library. A versatile Python package for tomographic imaging
"The CCPi Core Imaging Library (CIL) is a versatile Python package for tomographic imaging intended for CT experimentalists to easily access optimised standard algorithms, create bespoke pipelines to handle novel imaging rigs, dynamic, hyperspectral, non standard scan geometry, to name a few. CIL is also intended for imaging specialists to allow the creation of novel reconstruction algorithms and assess them against established ones. CIL seamlessly handles the CT pipeline from loading data from common lab X-Ray CT machines, as NIKON or ZEISS, to FDK or iterative reconstruction. CIL also provides utilities for visualisation and exploration of the data. In this talk we will present CIL and go through a few examples"

20 January 2021 Extended Q&A from Training session.


15 December 2021 1-day training school for the Core Imaging Library (CIL) 33 attendees

9-10 December 2021 the first ever CoSeC Annual Conference will take place at Computing Insight UK 2021 (13:50 The CCPi core imaging library, a versatile software for tomographic imaging (Edoardo Pasca))

7-8 December 2021 Training: Visualisation & quantification of tomographic datasets Held at Harwell Campus

6 December 2021 CIL with EPAC hands-on session

24 November 2021 Main CCP Steering Panel meeting

23-26 November 2021 Hackathon: algorithms benchmark for tomographic image reconstruction at Cosener's, STFC (Abingdon, Oxon)

22 November 2021 1-4pm CCPi Working Group event with SPIERS software product range talk at 1pm.

2-3 November 2021 Avizo Course at University of Manchester

18-21 October 2021 IBSim-4i 2021 hosted by the Institute of Physics (IOP) at their new headquarters in King’s Cross, London. Including a CCPi CIL talk session (att 60+)

1-3 September 2021 ToScA Europe with two 3hr hands-on CIL training session on 1 Sep 2021 (15+ registrations on courses)

22-24 September 2021 EGUK Conference

24-27 August 2021 16th European Molecular Imaging Meeting

27 July 2021 1-3pm Shorter CCPi Exec Meeting

19-23 July 2021 Fully3D with a three week training course prior to the conference (20+ registrations on cloud).

21 June 2021 CCPi Working Group meeting 1-4pm ...including a 1-2pm Invited Seminar slot. Register:

24-26 May 2021 ToScA USA

26 May 2021 Workshop: Digital volume correlation (DVC) analysis: state of the art and applications in materials science. Follow-on planned for end 2021.

17-19 May 2021 Dimensional-XCT Conference: first day training (80+ registrations)

6-7 May 2021 Excalibur Workshop on "Inverse Problems and Optimisation"

5 May 2021 CCPi Exec meeting 9:30-11:30am

30 April 2021 ISIS user group at: meeting is available for registration: UK Neutron & Muon Science and User Meeting Science plenaries and facility updates , 09:30

30 March - 1 April 2021 Collaboration Workshop of the Software Sustainability Institute,

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