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January 2018

16 January 2018 MXIF Lunch-and-Learn 12noon: Adam Cooper X-ray tomographic analysis and characterization of ductile damage, William Brayshaw Ductile fracture behaviour of Reactor Pressure Vessel steels. (22 attendees) Good presentations with a discussion on various modes to define spherisity and defining the edge of a feature.

10 January 2018 Henry Royce Commuity Workshop: about 500 people attended this Community Workshop and XCT facilities were included as devices available for users and projects.

December 2017

21 December 2017 'Empty' Collaboration and Visualisation spaces tour at Hartree Centre, full of potential and although not boookable should be in a few months.

18 December 2017 1st software meeting for CIL

SIRF software items: 18th software meeting - 15 December 2017 in Leeds 1pm; discussions included the 19 dimensional problem from combined MRI-PET data.

13 December 2017 MXIF Lunch-and-learn for CIL CCPi event 12noon with pizza

Computing Insight UK 2017 12-13 December 2017 Manchester Central Convention Complex, Manchester, UK. CCPs received a mention from the CoSeC talk by Barbara Montanari:

12 December 2017 EPSRC XCT Tomography Equipment Roadmap, Townhall Meeting (Manchester)

8 December 2017 Flagship-CIL update meeting in RAL:

7 December 2017 - SCD seminar at RAL:

6 December 2017 - Flagship-IMAT meeting in RAL to update on progress.

6 December 2017, 10am-4pm: Training - Getting started on "Hacking" a Nikon X-ray CT system through IPC; Supported by CCPi and The Henry Royce Institute "A useful feature of Nikon X-ray CT systems is that they can be manually programmed using a programmable interface, allowing users to create completely customised routines with customised user interfaces. Most of what can be done with the graphical user interface can also be done using the programmable interface, known as “IPC”. This allows a complex set of operations to be automated with a very simple user interface, at minimum, an ID entry and a Go button. This hands-on training course will give users an insight into several projects enabled through IPC and teach users how to get started with programming through the IPC interface to create simple applications. By the end of the course users should have enough knowledge to create their own routines, and understand the main capabilities and advantages of creating customisable scanning routines." Location: Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility, The University of Manchester Prerequisities: Programming experience.

5 December 2017 CCP SP Meeting at JISC, London

Avizo Courses at Manchester 4-5 December, 2017 The courses are now subsidised by the Royce institute for all users and costs £250 a day. the courses are as follows:- Introduction to the theory of X-ray CT and is aimed at new users. The course lasts for for 1-2 hours and covers - Introduction to image processing through Avizo. and - Advanced segmentation and quantification using Avizo. the course is split into two parts. the first part covers advanced segmentation methods in Avizo.