Seminar "Geometric Measures of Isocontour Regions"

Prof. Hamish Carr, University Leeds (based on work with Brian Duffy & Torsten Moeller)

Hosted by: Edoardo Pasca - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Thursday 08 February 2018 – 14:00 hours
S44/R89 RAL and via VC link to CR3 DL


Geometric Measures of Isocontour Regions


Visualisation supports the scientific workflow, often by providing qualitative evidence of the presence or absence of phenomena.

More advanced forms of visualisation blend into analytical techniques that provide quantitative measurements, either of an entire data set, or of some region of interest inside it.  For this, the most typical approach is to extract a significant or representative isocontour, then to compute geometric properties inside it.  In 3D, these properties may include surface area, contained volume, mean and standard deviation, or any property integrable over the region, such as the function defining the isocontour in the first place.


Reliable computation of these properties requires taking into account the underlying nature of integration, as well as of quantisation, gradient errors, geometric meshing artifacts, numerical errors and convergence properties. This talk will survey the set of geometric and integrable properties that can conveniently be extracted, and how to compute them using the isocontour’s value as a parameter for efficient extraction. 


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Thursday, 8 February, 2018 - 14:00 to 15:00