CCPi Fringe Meeting

Precursor to the 15 June 2018, RAL Advances in X-ray Imaging Workshop.

At Diamond Light sourse, Harwell Campus - room Diamond MR G53 - Please register and details at:

Fringe meeting: short informal presentations focusing on sharing reconstruction/analytics algorithms across the modalities of use; and consider how improved sharing/lessons/bast-practice can occur. Topics like kinetic movement and statistical change, during capture, are of interest across CCPs

The two Flagships – CCP_PETMR and CCPi – consider essential, but sharable, software components (iterative based techniques) along with other new or unusual modalities. 

  • Jakob Jorgensen to present the philosophies of the Core Imaging Library allowing different thrid party reconstruction or data processing components.
  • Richard Broen to outline work in medical side motion or kinetic based reconstruction (the sw libraries used).
  • Thomas Blumensath on experimental 'reconstruction engines built to be parallel' and ways to compare these
  • Amin Autet (NOVI-SIM) invited to demonstration their X-ray simulation toolkit
  • Maxine Moread (IFPEN) invited to demonstration plug in processes

...Suggestions for other speakers / advantageous-cross-link topics welcome and can arrange invites and costs (

"... interested to see what’s out there that I don’t know about – whatever the discussion I keep coming back to making sure everything is as widely accessible and as idiot user proof as possible….  the more we engage with wider audiences with less experience (or in my case ever decreasing time and less human resources for the same work) getting to know about that cool processing method, and getting access to an implementable version of it will become the bottle neck" KD

Thursday, 14 June, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:30