List of seminars past and present:

Present Schedule

Third V-Lunch-and-Learn June-July 2021

June/July 2021 12noon series from Commercial interests (28 virtual attendees over three events)
- Tue 15 June 12noon Nikon Metrology, Richard Frisk: + North Star Imaging UK Guy Tolley
- Tue 29 June 12noon Hamamatsu Simon Whitbread Technology Specialist - X-ray (15min) + VolumeGraphics / Hexagon, Ashley Bray, Gerd Schwaderer
- Tue 6 July 12:30pm Nick Brierley R&D Project Leader + CCPi Software Development and Maintenance Proposals - Roadmap for software development needs with open access to potential applications.

NXCT Workshop: Advanced acquisition and analysis of image-based data - June 22, 2021

UoMaH Imaging Series at Harwell:
. Introduction to National Facilities - Scientific Computing 11am 23 February 2021
. Introduction to National Facilities - Central Laser Facility 11am 17 March 2021
. Fire, explosion, flood and pestilence: how to build a resilient world post-pandemic 2pm 24 March 2021
. The University Of Manchester Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility (HMXIF) 10am 22 April 2021
. The University of Manchester at Harwell - The Portal to National Facility Science with participation from The Henry Moseley X-Ray Imaging Facility 10am 13 May 2021
. Stressing so much that defects don't matter.4pm 8 June 2021
. How to Build a Resilient World Post-Pandemic 1pm 6 July 2021
. Multi-scale imaging and image-based modelling of heterogeneous materials: lessons learnt and future directions.11am 6 July 2021

Past Schedule

Summary Second V-Lunch-and-Learn: November 2020 - March 2021 8 Speakers over 6 events; 86 virtual attendees and also three UoMaH Imaging sessions.

Summary First V-Lunch-and-Learn: April-July 2020 30 Speakers over 14 events; 11 sessions with 252 virtual attendees and also; one informal open coffee session (4 virtual attendees) and supported a IMA Cryo-CT event (153 virtual attendees) and an Internal University imaging event (9 virtual attendees).

• 2 March 2021 Emil Espes ( and William Twengstrom ( - the Excillum and Exciscope combined joint venture (virtual att 28).
• 23 February 2021 Gianluca Tozzi, Director of Zeiss Global Centre at University of Portsmouth - DVC workshop announcement and Edo Pasca on GUI development for DVC. (virtual att 23)
• 1 December 2020 Carsten Bellon BAM on aRTist (virtual att 14) and general discussion on simulation software:
… and a follow on internal meeting on 8 December 2020 virtual (virtual att 3)
• 24 November 2020 "Pipeline python based dataflow for image processing and XCT imagery" MT, "Rich Tomography - Requirements for a forward projector for tensor tomography and polarized neutrons in the CIL framework" Bill Lionheart (virtual att 15)
• 17 November 2020 "Needs for virtual X-ray CT scanning software" Amin Garbout ; "MSc projects on Imaging and the use of 360 degree video from the National Facilities?" Martin Turner (virtual att 14)
• Monday 27 July 2020 CCPi Exec and Working Group meeting 3:30pm Colin Palmer Short Seminar on "Cryo-EM tomography dataflow" (virtual att 21)
• 21 July 2020 Benjamin Bircher Federal Institute of Metrology METAS Laboratory for Length, Nano- and Microtechnology "Dimensional X-ray computed tomography at METAS" and Claudia Lindner, Rutherford Fund Fellow at HDR UK, Division of Informatics, Imaging & Data Sciences "!BoneFinder: Automatic Analysis of (Skeletal) Structures in X-ray Images" (virtual att 18)
• 16 July 2020 10:30am Imaging Innovation Community session David Eastwood, who presented ‘The Big Picture: multidimensional x-ray imaging at national labs.’ (virtual att 9)
• 7 July 2020 Thomas Blumensath (Associate Professor, University of Southampton) 1) The improvements we made to TIGRE in terms of multi-GPU support and how this is now faster than ASTRA (at least by our tests) and 2) our new tetrahedral reconstruction code in TIGRE, that allows us to reconstruct directly into a tetrahedral mesh and Anthony Butler MARS 3D spectral imaging: a novel approach to an old problem (virtual att 24)
• 30 June 2020 Florian Knigge Technical Leader – Metrology Waygate Technologies, Digital Solutions "Influencing factors on a CT systems metrological performance" and Shan Lou, Huddersfield, "XCT Surface Metrology for Additively Manufactured Parts" (virtual att 14)
• 16 June 2020 4:30pm S H Lau; Vice President Business Development - Sigray Inc "Characterizing Hard to Soft Materials with a novel Multiscale, multi-energy X-ray Microscopy (XRM)" (virtual att 25)
• 9 June 2020 INFORMAL CHAT TIME (virtual att 4)
• 2 June 2020 Ina Berg, Archaeology (School of Arts, Languages and Culture) "What can clay pores tell us about wheel-throwing, forming techniques and potting skill?" and CCPi overview for Phase III (virtual att 20)
• 26 May 2020 Ceri Brenner and Stephen Dann, EPAC and laser-driven sources and Gerd Schwaderer (virtual att 17)
• 19 May 2020 3pm Marcus Hanwell, Kitware Inc, (virtual att ~25)
• 12 May 2020 Suren Chilingaryan Karlsruhe Institute of Technology "Real-time reconstruction for synchrotron tomography" and Alessandro "Sandro" Olivo UCL "Laboratory-based phase contrast tomography" (virtual att 35)
Thu 7 May 2020, 2pm ICMS Virtual Seminar on Coronavirus inverse problems: Alan Roseman (School of Biological Science, UoM), Ozan Okem KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm chaired by Todd Quinto from Tufts and Alan Roseman. (virtual att 153) Recording at:
• 5 May 2020 Sophia Coban (ASTRA toolkit) and Drisht Projects in University of Manchester Mario Sandoval Olive, Keqiang Fan (virtual att 21)
• 14 April 2020 Christopher Chalkley; James Conboy; Andy Taylor Edinburgh (virtual att 27)

Seminars Phase 2 pre-C-19

• 11 February 2020 Jay Warnett EPSRC Strategic Equipment – High Speed, High Throughput X-ray CT updates from Tim Burnett (Materials Science) (att 15)
• 14 January 2020 Jakob Jorgensen An update on the CCPi Core Imaging Library and Ryan Warr "Applications of the CIL for lab-based hyperspectral imaging" :CIL software Release status (att 13)
• 18 December 2019 - Special Working Group event proposed slot: Ozan Öktem (att 12)
• 11am 10 December 2019 Sarah Fisher x-ray back-scatter imaging and Tristan Lowe Metrology and dimensional XCT - and (att 18) ...
• ... 12 noon SQUIDS Maths seminar by Ozan Oktem (att 25)
• 12 November 2019 Anton du Plessis (Stellenbosch CT Facility, South Africa) remote access and Lindsey Marshall, Scientific Liaison (Europe) (att 22+1)
• 9 July 2019 - Mike White / Bill Lionheart presentation on the Helgason-Ludwig consistency conditions, and Drishti-interface project, Mario Sandoval Olive (att 13)
• 2 July 2019 - Extra special research session: (att 19) Ying Wang In-situ Studies of Damage Mechanisms in Composites
Wen Zhang The effect of anisotropic microstructure on the fatigue overload behaviour of ultrafine-grained nickel
Shelley Rawson Time-lapse 3D Imaging During The Compression Of Freeze Cast Aerogel By Phase Contrast Synchrotron X-ray Micro-CT
Chakri Gudla Initiation and short crack growth behaviour of environmentally induced cracks in AA5083 H131 investigated across time and length scales
Sam Johnston Diffraction Constrast Tomography
Sam McDonald Non-destructive mapping of crystallographic microstructure evolution in 3D by laboratory X-ray diffraction contrast tomography
Ryan Warr Developing Techniques in Colour X-ray CT Imaging
Evangelos Papoutsellis Multi-Channel tomographic reconstruction and analysis of the CCPi Core Imaging Library
James O'Sullivan What microCT can tell us about neglected tropical diseases
Parmesh Gajjar Using microCT to understand inhaled pharmaceutical powders

• Monday 10 June 2019 Joe Kelleher EnginX - part of the CCPi Working Group meeting (att 26+1+5) (WG att was 14 [11 physically in RAL + Llion, Peter and Bill])
• Monday 3 June 2019 Jason Wong “Challenges of imaging for trauma reconstruction- how you can help” Abstract- The talk will highlight the current state of the clinical art in terms of imaging that guides clinical decision making in trauma, and identifies where there are great unmet needs and opportunities to influence how clinical decision making is made in the trauma reconstruction setting and Katerina (Kathy) Christofidou (att 14)
• .... above moved to be away from Fringe event 10 June 2019, and RAL Event on Tuesday 11 June 2019: see

• 14 May 2019 Wen Zhang Investigation of fatigue overload retardation mechanisms in Ni as a function of grain size; and Katrine Bangsgaard (att 20)
• 9 April 2019 - Visitors from CCPi reconstruction code development teams - Flagship and Core (att 29)
• 12 March 2019 Paul Bills Huddersfield - d-XCT conference; Dan Symes CLF speaker on new Xray Sources; Tom Kirkham STFC connections; and Gemma Fardell, ICT conference; (att ~25) .... all before
• ... Exec Meeting of CCPi held from 1pm (att 9)
• 12 February 2019 Session on coatings (thermal, barrier, oxidation and corrosion resistant) Beatriz Mingo "Active Functionalization of ceramic coatings: incorporation of loaded nanotubes" and Nicolas Laugel, "Electrolytic plasma processes for metal surface modification"
• 15 January 2019 Sarah Fisher - Progress in Laminography and Martin Turner New fast XCT facilities and Applications to the EPSRC Roadmap (att 20)
• 11 December 2018 Experience from Jake Minns "Neural Networks in Tomography. From basic concepts to experiments on segmentation. A summer student project report" and Nghai Vo "Tomographic data for testing, demonstrating, and developing methods of removing ring artifacts" and "Python implementation of distortion correction methods for X-ray tomography" - (att 11+2+1)
• "extra" informal session: 2:30pm Wednesday 5 December 2018 Julia Brettschneider and Wilfrid Kendall (Warwick University) "Investigating industrial CT scanner damage project with ATI" host Tristan Lowe (att 5)
• 13 November 2018 ToScA (and other events); Chakri Gudla "Multiscale correlative characterization of environmentally assisted crack initiation, propagation and failure in a high strength aa5083 h131 alloy" and Sam Johnston "Non destructive 3D grain imaging in aeroengine materials by diffraction contrast tomography" (att 23)
• 2 October 2018 Brian Bay "DVC" and Daniil Kazantzev "Tomophantom package" - at RAL v-conf to Manchester (att 28+6)
• 10 July 2018 ICAL Russell Garwood and new (scalable) reconstruction package from the MTC Nick Brierley (att 22)
• 12 June 2018 Jakob Jorgensen and Parmesh Gajjar "Advancing automated temporal-CT capabilities of laboratory μXCT machines" (att 11)

• 8 May 2018 Wenjuan Sun and Stephen Brown NPL; Title: Recent development in dimensional X-ray computed tomography at NPL for advanced manufacturing (att 19)
• 10 April 2018 Genoveva Burca, Instrument Scientist - IMAT, ISIS Facility "IMAT- neutron imaging and diffraction instrument for materials science at the ISIS neutron spallation source" (att 21)
• 13 March 2018 Catherine Disney Microstructure and Mechanics of Intervertebral Discs from Phase Contrast Synchrotron X-ray Tomography (att 20)
• 13 February 2018 - Yi Guo “Characterizing voids during ductile fracture of a dual phase steel using X-ray computed tomography and serial sectioning EBSD” and Shelley Rawson “Bio and bio-inspired materials” (att 27)
• 16 January 2018 Adam Cooper X-ray tomographic analysis and characterization of ductile damage, William Brayshaw Ductile fracture behaviour of Reactor Pressure Vessel steels (att 20)
• 13 December 2017 - CIL CCPi Sri Nagella (att 19)
• 7 November 2017 - Nick Curry An Investigation into Rust Layer Microstructure (att 30)
• 13 September 2017 Alistair Garner Advanced 3D characterisation of iodine-induced stress corrosion cracks in zirconium alloys Jose Godhino BP summer placements (att 22)
• 9 August 2017 Nghai Vo "Developments of image processing techniques for tomographic data at synchrotron facilities" from Diamond Light Source; Martin Turner on dXCT activities (att 22)
• 19 October 2016 - review at Manchester on ToScA
• 18 May 2016 - inc a follow on Training Session with Parmesh Gajjar on hacking the Nikon imaging devices (initially the custom bay units).
• 16 March 2016 Michael McCarthy (NPL), University of Manchester HMXIF, "Industrial XCT: Current develops of a dimensional verification standard for XCT (ISO 10360)”
• 1 May 2015 Bill Lionheart will talk about Fast Tomography: From Airport Baggage Scanning to Materials Science.
• 27 February 2015 Martin Turner “Visualisation Matters - the need to put the human back in the imaging-capture-and-computational loop: case studies from work with the CCPi ( and Harwell Imaging Partnership as well as future opportunities for collaboration and resource"

Abstracts: CIL software availability - December Meeting
• Top-level overview here
• More guidance including installation instructions here
• (growing) documentation is here
• and a number of demos to get started are here
this includes demos with Nikon data sets exemplified by the Sophiabeads data here